My Business Plan

It all started with my mom talking about buying assets and wanting me to understand the secret to wealth.

She made me watch the video below. At first I was bored, but then I heard how a rich man named Warren Buffet started out with one pinball machine! Then from his profits, he bought another machine, then another machine, and on and on…

A few days later, I waited until my mom came home from work. I grabbed her, asked her if she wanted some iced tea, and asked her to sit down.

I then went into my business plan. She was amazed and asked if she could video tape it for keep sakes. I said yes and started drawing my plan.

Pretty simple – really!

  1. Sell some stuff at a yard sale.
  2. Take the money I make and buy a claw machine.
  3. Find a local business that wants to make some easy money (hoping a laundromat).

Here is my business plan video – enjoy!


  1. Naomi says:

    That’s awesome Zoe!!

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